Sunday, December 16, 2007

The wood cutter

        It was 6 in the morning but then it was not bright, winter had fallen and the sun had just refused to rise, preferring to be under the warm cloud blanket. She sat there looking towards east for the sun to rise. She then slowly stood up, the wound in her leg was bleeding, she limped to the nearest cupboard, and it was as empty as any other in the house. She sighed and moved to the backyard and pulled some leaves from a plant chewed them and bandaged the wound with the residue. She sat there thinking about the previous evening.
        She had gone as usual to the fields where she toiled to make ends meet for the family, it was then she saw him ,he was tall and handsome, beads of sweat on his body were shimmering as he cut wood to make fence for the field. She had not seen him in those lands before, she kept gazing on him when a splinter of wood flew and cut through her frail leg. The next thing she knew was that blood was gushing out and she fainted, she always fainted when she saw blood, perhaps it was because she had seen too much blood for liking or she had nothing at all in her body.
        The handsome man was carrying her in his arms to the shade of the tree; she saw his face when the blazing sun allowed her to open eyes in his shade, it was like nothing she felt before, she felt like floating in air, she ignored the pain crawling up her body and kept looking at the well built person, he was asking her something but in her state she was completely lost and madly in awe of him. He sat with her for few minutes on the bank of the river by the field and then left to cut wood again. She sat there and watched him all over till fatigue forced her in to sleep.
        It was in the evening and she hadn’t quite realized that she had not set foot in the field again, suddenly the huger stricken faces of her young sisters looked back at her from the oblivion, she looked in the direction where the stranger was set cutting wood, the wood cutter was not to be seen anywhere, but the pain was real and the hunger was more. She did not know when again she would see him ,but that did not matter now ,she slowly limped off towards her hut in the distance to face yet another hunger stricken night …………..

The Departure

He could not have asked for more, when he took her hand in his. He knew it that moment; tears were rolling down her cheeks. He wanted to put a hand round her shoulder hug her and tell her to stop crying. He had done that a million times before, but this day was different.
He walked her on the narrow road, more to hold his tears back than to console her, this girl was special for him, he simply did not know why but he felt it. The time of departure was nearing and she sat there in the lounge leaning her head on his shoulder, neither of them spoke, they let the moment to pass away calmly hoping that the next would ease their nerves.
He did not know how much she loved him nor did she, the final moment of departure came and when he dragged his unwilling legs towards the entrance,a unknown force was pulling him towards her, she stood there teary eyed asking him to go away, not to stay for a minute more, for she could not hold the tears back.He moved in to the airport while every living cell in his body screaming to him to rush to her.