Sunday, May 31, 2009


There was the dialogue in the movie Se7en which I watched yesterday. The dialogue goes thus
“Well I am positive, that I made the right decision but there is not a day that passes that I don’t wish that I made a different choice”
So the basic question that popped out in mind was that is it better to take a correct decision or take a decision that would let you have peace for rest of life? Well if the other decision would have given you peace, was it not the correct decision in first place.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lost Soul

I search my empty mind ,ask myself what it takes
what it takes to stand up to the world
I wander the deserted streets ,searching my soul
though it is something that's lost for ever

I ask a thousand questions ,shout a steaming curse
nothing ever is answered ,those stars so mute
I look for a pure smile ,all around my gloomy space
yet can't find one ,there are doubts in those faces

I lie down on the bed, thinking it would give me sleep
it promises me a zillion dreams, of days to come
yet I lie there eyes wide open, exorcizing ghosts of past
how many times have I fell, slain by the trusted knights