Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rambling again

Watching certain types of people live makes me cringe.Hypocrisy ,my life is one among those.Right now that is not what bothers me,it is this certain life that is a problem.Comparing is always what I hate and hated when others did.But then at the end of the day it pricks,it pricks at my heart,tears it out ,the face in the mirror mocks me.

Always thinking that something is missing in life has become a norm,yet when I look around I know life has been good largely,yet the thought lasts till the next time I confront something else that always eluded me.Great minds spoke about human development as always wanting to move forward, bring changes ,want more things.Disappointment,sadness comes as a parcel ,mock it said Edison.

Not long ago I had a thought which I pursued but not until I realized it.There were diversions,which now have become habits.I know all these and yet it is easier to let it be.Inertia some would call it.I prefer ineptness as more suitable word.

So what is it , I ask at the end of this,what is it that I am going to change,there-in lies my problem, too many ,one at a time my friend ,one at a time...and all in good time,the thought is all it needs ,to be done