Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh I Loved it

--Who is but the form following the function what and what I am is I am the man in the mask

--I am not questioning the powers of your observation, but I am merely remarking the paradox of asking the masked man who he is?

--Remember Remember the 5th of November

--The only thing that you and I have in common is Mr Creedy that we are both going to Die

--Beneath this mask there is more than flesh, beneath this mask there is an Idea Mr. Creedy and ideas are bullet proof.

--Oh please have mercy .Oh not tonight Bishop not tonight

--This country needs more than a building now, it needs hope

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I am not bothered about this dejection
but what I Cant handle is rejection

life has new ways to teach you
I would always prefer a hit on palm
than a rap on my knuckles

it hurts and hurts like hell
but when the doors close
Windows are the only option
What ever the show has to go on

words flow as tears down my cheek
dont worry l am too proud to cry in public

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To Trust Is To Suffer?

            Two protagonists in Shantaram discuss a thought, one a bandit who escaped from a prison and the other a lady involved in dark business of underworld ,” To trust is to suffer”. My idea of taking this in was a little sceptical, common what kind of world are we in, reading and thinking about words of people disowned by the laws of land, the land here is world, for the characters discussing this thought are one an Australian and other a German who found their safe haven in the womb of that very city called Bombay or Mumbai what-ever.
            I read this page on last Thursday while on a flight to Delhi , whoever said that I stopped there for a minute ,well can it be true ,if to trust is to suffer then the very basics of our human establishment is being challenged isn’t it. What kind of world it would have been without trust, I was beginning to think whether an investment of 495 on the book was a good option, anyway it had given me something to do on what would otherwise been a boring journey. Somehow the thought clung to me as a chewing gum to a slipper and resurfaced every now and then.
            Then something happened on that hot Sunday afternoon where I found that I had laid my eggs in the wrong nest, and that made me go back to the thought again, this time I left out the protagonists (for I think myself as a good Samaritan and putting myself in a bandit’s shoes was a non-thought) and focussed on the words alone. Without trust we would not exist ,while I say that I have given it a fair thought, come to think of this ,the second person you know in this world a relationship you start to develop when you come to senses for the very first time in this world the relationship called father is nothing but “Trust” isn’t it.
            Then another disturbing thought came to my mind ,we as a race are we destined to suffer one way or other, some for existence and some for a relationship to lean onto Yes ! To trust is to suffer isn’t it, it is that simple. All the philosophy of living in a civilized society hides in this one simple line, to trust is to suffer. I went back to a very fundamental relationship of life ,marriage ,for my convenience I took the Indian way of marriage for my analysis, is the branding during that marriage be it a necklace , or a ring or even the oath to God a way of telling to ourselves well we do not trust one another ,so we need a spectacle and thousand witnesses or is it set that way because as the civilization evolved the unwritten principles formed ,for we all ,we superior race strive to remove the suffering isn’t it and trust was taken away from the institution called marriage.
            I could not make my mind one way or other, my inner-self probably which was by influenced by the emotional state I am in was willing to agree and then other saner one was continuing to argue no it can’t be true, “pessimistic thought buddy” it was shouting. So with this conflict I turned on the pages hoping to find the answers in it annals in the early hours of Tuesday morning, there it was, one other plaintive character, a tourist guide in Mumbai speaking those words “Hunger for want of something is suffering- You do not want anything, you cannot suffer” .Hmm something to think about for tonight when I lie down on that dusty carpet.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


lam writing this While on way to COCHIN from DELHI.from the day I hear d that Johnny depp was abt to do Shantaram,I could not Wait to get hands on the book,till Somedays the passion held and I forgot the book once i was baCK to 'yIndia.
Todaywhen I casually strolled out of office for my regular Cup of tea l found the DC book fair at the door step of Bhavani building,I Caught a glance at Wilbur Smith and my thoughts went back to the fateful evening Where I bought his book "a time to die " ,the book still pleads me to read and I want to put that down as quickly as i can,one page makes my Stomach churn and by the time I drag myself to the end of second page I am already sleeping.its a classic throw back to my College days when browsing through a Couple of pages of my "yellow pad " was enough to provide a drugged sleep of 18 hours.I simply Walked along this time happy to be a was the day when my mind was on nothing and that actually ends up being quite heavy on my pocket.
the odds were Stacked against me on this day.I have got the Salary, moreover, I was looking at 16 hours of travel and mr smith has already terrified me to taKe him along with me.Strangely I was patient today ,the one trait that normally deserts me when I've got money in the pocket.So,I moved along and thats When greg caught my attention.Shantaram is Sitting neXt to me ,he Cant wait to Continue his Story ;got to go ,Seems to be a nIce guy so far