Sunday, October 24, 2010

Back In Trivandrum

How much ever i wanted to get away from this place Trivandrum , i always want to visit here , such a beautiful place , is that the reason ? i had to be honest .. no it was not , the memories i left here are worth savoring , the places i visited here are worth revisiting , what if it is a single chay at pangapara .What if it is a singe moment spent at the door step of my old room where i used to pick up delicious dinner from my friends.
What if it is a lonely walk on the medical college road , what if it is a solitary cigarette in the bike park of Bhavani where the chit chat sessions in rain would continue for hours.I Love this place and that is something i realized this time around.

It is like a itch which u scratch , happy till u keep scratching it ... but red hot rash when u leave it.....Hmmm Shangumugham bridge has not changed anything , and Sundar has not changed a bit .Probably it is sane to avoid coming here , but whatever i say now i know i am going to be back here.....