Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Cricket OverKill

In headlines today , Indian team members in a pub brawl , eight months ago the same protagonist caught fighting in a pub ,we broke the news first then and now , looks like carribean curry is too hot for our guys, in other news Indian prime minister and US president met over the issue of terrorism

--- Past one week this is how the news channels reports seem to be giving more air time to most trivial and a page 3 incident , yes we are all disappointed and as self-appointed custodians of holding every other person to account of brining the nation to disrepute , we enjoy the bashing , the photos of the past , the public dissection and analysis of a troubled family .In pure cricketing terms we were outplayed and the better teams on that day prevailed , it hurts when someone you pinned hopes on failed and worse when you watch it sacrificing your sleep , but at the end of the day cricket is just a game and like in every game there has to be a winner and there has to be loser.

A loss of Indian cricket by no means authorizes us to pass judgements and burn down houses of the cricketers,if at all the anger should be directed towards BCCI who seem to be content with filling their coffers by playing the same team 40 times home away and then in a neutral venue. Why did we not travel to the kiwi land for 8 years ,agreed that we were made to play in grasslands and it was not a good advertisement for cricket , but then what does the board do , they do not send the team to the country for next 7 years ( logistics , FTP and crap ),what do kiwis do this time around , steal some strip from the golden quadrilateral and lay it in the ground , team makes merry beats a second grade test team with considerable ,come back and brag that this team has won in every knook and corner.

If the ball bounces bring back Dravid , if it is at a comfortable height let Raina make merry, the board is to be blamed for the debacles and in between all the money , hectic schedules and the legal tussles cricket somewhere is taking a back seat, like I said it hurts but then even Speilberg makes flop movies. The anger and hurt does not justify us wading in to the personal lifes of cricketers.

Next time you watch such stupidity on TV , do yourself a favour change the channel.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What do I tell you

What do you tell a person who is hurting to tell you a thing that's
going to hurt you? What do you tell a person who knows that to back
off and cut out is the best way out,but still is optimistic and
searching for a way to make it work, well finally what the hell is
wrong with me that i am thinking that way too.
Well when the world was born, it was probably about food that men
thought about, when we got smarter things got complicated, I love
simple things in life and like to keep my life simple, but somehow as
simple as the word simple seems to be ,acheiving it looks to be a
complicated thing.
Well committments aren't necessarily that strong when the
alternative path is easy to take, well its simple right ? makes life
much more easier,but was that the simplicity I was after.
More I think about it more complex patterns start to appear,the
easy alternative chosen is not always simple alternative, its again
influenced by complex logic, so is it logic what elavated human race
from the need seeker to luxury monger?
Back on to what can we tell the person who is already hurting , do
you share the hurt which is never going to reduce like in the simple
world that exists in the fantasies. Well how far can you push a person
who has his/her back to wall? I am searching for this answer for the
past week. What do I say to that face in mirror ?

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