Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mera Dil kaa Traffic Phir Se Rukh Gayaa Maamu

          When was the last time, my heart skipped a beat when I saw a girl. Well I do not remember I had far too many a crush. But when was it I felt that I wanted to see her face again and again be it night or day. I cannot recollect
          My latest crush happened 2 months ago. I saw this girl, her name was Sarah Jane. For me present crush is always better than the past (not that I have any active relationships), this case was again no exception. She was as usual the most beautiful girl in this world and then I could not sleep for days. When ever she was around no other guy in the room could sit with me to watch TV. Wondering why they could not watch TV, because my Sarah is a V channel VJ and I watch her programs repetitively.
          Past week I have filled my bedroom with what ever posters of her I found on the internet. I have always believed internet delivers to you and whenever it does, it does so in tons but what I got was only 4 different stills of her.
Now again for the nth time in life my favorites things have changed.

The girl I like: Sarah
The channel I like most: V Channel
The program I like: Who cares until she is on the screen.

          Heard that V TV is conducting auditions to recruit new VJ’s got to test my luck .Plenty on my plate before I do that got to become a dude .Friends keep watching may be who knows I may co-anchor her in some V-channel program nay….I may co-star her in a Bollywood movie; common don’t they say think big, it may well be Hollywood movie .When that happens I do not have to go around racking my brain to name the movie .I have already worked out that.

“Sundar and Jane” (Does it ring a bell, if it does well I did not mean that)

          As the lead character in some movie says ….”Mera Dil kaa Traffic Phir se rukh gayaa maamu …” (aur is baar ladki ka naam Sarah hain .Kya pata jab aap ee blog pad rahe ho ladki kaa naam kuch aur bhi ho saktaaa hain)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Random Musings

Yesterday night sowed a small thought in my mind
I was going through this book 'The rise and Fall of Third Reich' and watching the movie 'Saving Private Ryan ' at a single time.Finally i donno when i dozed off with the book still in my hands.
There was a quote from the author in the book saying 'If hitler's father was not legalized and his surname changed to hilter .Hitler would have been Schicklgruber and that according to author would have made life difficult for hilter
In another work by some one i read that Hitler's mother was planning to abort the boy and changed her decision at the final moment.
These things collated together i had a strange feeling knowing that such a small thought and decision in life of an individual could change the "FATE OF HUMANITY"

Looking back at things in my life i wonder how many people's life i would have changed in course of my 23 years journey on this planet.How many of other people have paved me a way knowingly or unknowingly.
The single thought in context of the book brought shivers in my spine.....
May be one good decision of ours in the course of our life is a death blow to others in the their course of life
this is where my mind fails to connect to the complex network we the dwellers of the planet are interweaved in
as an after thought may be the time i spent in writing this post has saved me from meeting a fatal accident/a girl who would have come in to my life if I had not sat and done this

Who knows ......Who knows indeed......

Confusing isn't it

Saturday, October 7, 2006

I Think .......

day after day i sit here
I sit thinking about the days
days when u were there with me

I think about the day when i saw you first
like a fairy waking out of some dream

I think about the station bench
where we shared our little secrets

I think about the beautiful half moon
which had a glimpse of our first kiss

I think about the roller coaster ride
where i knew heaven in your arms

I think about heavenly music
all i remember is your voice

I think about immortality
all that comes to mind is our love

I think about a life
all that i remember is your company

Me and My Friends

It's been two years

I still remember the day i wrote the entrance for infy selections.I walked in ,unshaved in to the christ college campus ,i was astonished to find people round me trying to break that jinx ravi narula,sankuntale devi had created for them in the books they were carrying.
I still remember the tension in my friend's face when we realised that i forgot my photographs which were nithing but essential and how we manged to get them in time.
I still remember the one hour where people were just like zombies scribbling something seriously and in between racking their minds.After my exam i was confident i would clear it quite comfortably.
I still remember that evening when the sorrow of sachin getting out cheaply to zoysa overshaded the hapiness of my selection.

I still remember the day i walked in to that campus at bangalore which lead my life to two other cities Hyderabad and trivandrum the latter where i am still sitting writing this blog.....

It is unbeleivable for me still.The two years of job life was really rocking and to do what you love(travelling in my case) is really very good.
Infosys provided me that oppurtunity