Tuesday, May 10, 2011

After 5 PM

For two continuous days left office after 5 , yesterday wondered what was I going to do and hit the bed early, today i found the answer,My Android Mobile ... Got the barcode scanner installed scanned products avaialable

Sigma Protocol - Book
The Dairy of a End Girl -Book
The Bourne Betrayal - Book
Priya Ginger Pickle -Product
Adidas Deo -Product
Hp Laptop DV2000 -Product
HP Laptop Adapter - Product
Parachute Coconut Oil
Nivea Moisturiser
Coca Cola
Thumbs Up
Ruggers Bag

Deduction : Products Sold / Manufactured for sale in USA/ Europe identified not Indian ones , Wonder what App does LG Optimus Have remember that Advt .. Goat Cheese from Nasik....

With Sachin Gone time to kill still ....next app

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