Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov 18

When I travelled to UK , I had been waiting for that trip , the energy around that trip was huge , It was like some force of nature conspiring to help me get to my dream ,I really loved it for 19 months , the trips back home , the sourjons to watch the most beautiful places on earth.It was a eye opener in many ways , helped me understand myself better.
2011 US travel was totally unexpected , the place looks lost to me , or have I lost that energy , I am still interested to be here , I guess not , I left Atlanta only once in the last 4 months and that itself is a very huge surprise for me, the second time I am going to step out of Atlanta is to come home , how I am looking forward only I can understand , for all the under acheivements of this trip there is one hope I am going to be back here Dec and here is what I am going to do

1. NOV Next Week End :Sky Diving
2. DEC : LAS VEGAS,Grand Canyon
3. JAN : Utah
4. FEB : CANCUN / AMAZON Forests
5. Mar : India
6. APR : SriLanka

Huge Wish List , but this time I going to go each and every place....

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